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Dog Boarding

dog boarding kennelPuppy Love Kennel offers boarding for dogs and cats for when you go on vacation. Boarding prices are dependent on the size of the pet. It is best to call for a price to board your pet. We do offer long term rates and discounts for owners with four or more pets. Day care is also provided.

All pets are required to show proof of current vaccinations. Dogs are required to have current Rabies and DHLPP vaccination. In addition, they must have been vaccinated for Bordatella within 6 months of their stay.

Cats must be vaccinated for Rabies, FVP-CP and Feline Leukemia. We strongly recommend that your cat be vaccinated for EIP also.

All pets are fed a high quality pet food. You may bring your pet’s own food if you desire, we just ask that you bring it in a solid, sealable container and just enough for the length of their stay. All adult dogs and cats are fed twice daily unless otherwise instructed. Fresh water is provided 24 hours a day.

Puppy Love Staff will administer veterinary prescribed medications for 1.00 per day. All medications must be labeled with the owner and pet’s name, name of the medication, and dosage. Dietary supplements and vitamins can also be administered by the staff for $1.00 per day.

You may bring a rug, blanket, or bed for your pet to sleep on during his or her stay. We also have beds that we provide. Toys and chews may also be brought for your pet as long as they are VERY safe. All belonging should be labeled with the owner or the pet’s name. We will wash belongings if the if they soiled and we want to return them to the proper pet.

If your pet should become ill or injured during his stay at Puppy Love, we will make all attempts to take him to your own veterinarian. If your veterinarian is not available, we will use a local veterinarian that is available. You will be responsible for his veterinary care.

Our kennel hours are as follows:

We do offer extended hours by appointment at an additional fee.

You may check-in to the kennel at any time on your scheduled drop-off date. Our check-out time is 12:00 noon. If you pick up your pet before 12:00 pm, you will not be charged for that day. Any pets picked up after 12:00 will be charged for an additional day. An exception to this is, if the pet is scheduled to be groomed on the day of pick up, he can be picked up any time before 5:30pm without being charged for an additional day.

We are closed on most major holidays

pet grooming servicesChristmas, Easter, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July. We will be open from 7:00—10:00am on most other holidays. Due to heavy booking during the holidays, deposits are required. We strongly recommend that you reserve your holiday reservations well in advance.

We realize that circumstances occur that cause people to change their plans. We never ask why you are cancelling your reservation; just that you do call and let us know that you are not coming. This allows us to offer the space to another client. Please keep in mind that most weekends do have a waiting list.


Puppy Love Kennel offers grooming for your pet as well. For dogs and cats, we wash and shampoo their fur with gentle shampoos, dry them, and brush them. We also offer bows for their collar or braiding their tail. If you dog or cat has long fur, we can trim in or cut it short to keep them cool in the summer and free of tangles. We also offer toenail clipping, ear cleaning for both cats and dogs, and gland expression for dogs as needed for an additional cost. Our team is certified and trained in dog and cat grooming to keep your pet looking it’s best and calm throughout the experience.


We also prepare dogs and cats for shows. The night before the event (or a little sooner), Puppy Love Kennel will brush out your dog or cat’s coat, do any pre-bath clipping, trim their toenails, clean their ears, express their glands if needed, bath the pet, and blow-dry him or her. We then do one more brush of the coat and finish up any post-bath clipping. We recommend crating him at night and keeping them on a leash until after the show. You can also bring the pet in the day of the show for one more brush and leave in conditioning treatment. Please plan the time needed and schedule appointments accordingly.

Day Care

Puppy Love Kennel also offers doggy and kitty daycare. If your pets do not like being alone during the day, our staff can keep them company. We offer a reduced daily rate to our overnight stays. You can place them with us on a one-time or ongoing schedule. We will feed them once throughout the day, have fresh water on hand at all times, and let them out on the run to play. Kitties can stay in the cattery and will have their own space to sleep and play. Ask our staff to find out more about our rates and accommodations for day care.